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Revelation 22:1-2 And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. 2 In the middle of its street, and on either side of the river, was the TREE OF LIFE, which bore twelve fruits, each tree yielding its fruit every month. THE LEAVES OF THE TREE WERE FOR THE HEALING OF THE NATIONS.

It has been said of LifeTree that we are a small church with a BIG footprint. A major part of being the Church is to share the Gospel of the Kingdom with others, whether it be overseas or in our own backyard.

In 2014 we were lead to create another 501c3 called, Our World Outreach, (OWO). Click HERE for the OWO Website. 


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Every Sunday after service, we have the OWO Food Distribution for those in need in Rochester right at LifeTree. 

Currently, our Missions focus is on Haiti, Liberia, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 

LifeTree has a large percentage of Congolese and Liberian people as part of our body. 

our world


Since the Earthquake hit Haiti, January 12th, 2010, we have been sending teams to a village called Morne Orge (mon-o-zshay) on the outskirts of Jacmel, a city on the south coast of Haiti. Pastor Juli initially contacted a longtime friend that had been involved with Haiti missions for a few years. This lead to connection with a ministry directly on the ground in Haiti: Restore Haiti, based in Nashville, founded by Philip Peters.

Since then, Juli has become the Team Trainer and Coordinator for Restore Haiti. She also sits on the RH Board.

We have sent too many LifeTree people to mention them all by name. We facilitate about three trips a year. Pray about joining us!

The members of LTF now sponsor many children through RH which allows them to participate in a daily feeding program and pays for their schooling, uniforms and basic needs. We have also helped with building projects, children’s ministry and dental & medical clinics for the community there. Follow the Restore Haiti link to Sponsor a Child!

The video below is from our trip back in January 2011 where we participated in a citywide Crusade. Pastor Garrett was asked to be the Crusade’s first night speaker!

God has used Pastor Juli tremendously in Haiti as she has become fluent in Haitian Creole and helped others find out whom God has made them to be through these transformational trips.

If you would like to go on a Mission Trip to Haiti, please send her an e-mail: juli@restorehaiti.com


Liberia, Africa

In November 2012, Pastors Garrett & Juli, and Elders Chris Rimlinger and John Oliphant, set out on a journey to Liberia, Africa. They were later known as “the Liberian 4” of LifeTree Fellowship. The story of how it all came together is really quite amazing. With too many details to explain, the big picture is that almost 3 years ago we became aware of the great needs in Liberia. We began praying and seeking the Lord for opportunity to minister in God’s timing.

As God would have it, in 2012, John Oliphant, a Physician Assistant and Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology was named Director of Medical Services for an NGO working in Liberia. Simultaneously, Chris Rimlinger’s wife, Kris, was hired by the Billy Graham Evangelical Association to do the bookkeeping for a Franklin Graham Festival that came to Rochester. It was in June 2012 and called Rock the Lakes. LifeTree in turn, was very involved with Rock the Lakes Volunteer Leadership which included the overseeing of ushering by Juli Wendt and Denise McGarvey, merchandise sales by Alex Wendt and many were involved with counseling. During the festival Chris & Kris Rimlinger were invited to attend a VIP event where they met leadership from Samaritan’s Purse. This led to a future contact with the SP Country Director of Liberia. Long story short, in August that year, Garrett, Juli and Chris were invited by SP to go to Liberia at the same time John went on his first trip to the country to do a medical assessment of the people living there.

The trip was a tremendous success! John ended up marching in the first ever Liberian PA School Parade. When they reached their destination through the streets of Monrovia, the nations capitol, he was asked to give a speech. Not only that, but it turns out that he was to be the keynote speaker from the US!! He was also able to meet with many high government officials. John was also able to begin the process for planning future medical missions that will help in development of Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure.

The other three LifeTree leaders were asked to partake in a three day festival in the “up-country” or the bush in a village called Bopolu. They travelled with Eleventh Hour Christian Initiatives, led by Missionary Gary Ham. Gary was the Bopolu Life Festival’s main speaker and he really was the anointed man for this event! The team was helicoptered out to surrounding villages in the jungle to do Pastoral/Leadership training sessions leading up to the 3 day festival. They trained over 400 Pastors and Church Leaders. The Festival was attended by 4000 – 7000 people each night. 586 people gave their lives to Christ for the first time, including some Muslims. Over 200 people rededicated their lives and many, many others were ministered to as the team prayed for the sick.

Check out the Video from our trip:

Fast forward to 2014 when we established Our World Outreach, lead by president, John Backus, PhD., also an Elder at LifeTree; Ebola breaks out in Liberia!  We had already formed strong contacts through Samaritan’s Purse. You can see more about our response the Ebola on the Our World Outreach site called, the HELP Initiative. We were privileged to join those assisting the nation through this tremendous struggle and also offer continued support for medical clinics post-Ebola.

Through recent trips during the Ebola crisis, John Backus PhD and Pastor Garrett have made and strengthened our partnership with Bishop George Harris, Pastor Abilio Balboa and Pastor Gentry Taylor of Philadelphia Central Church in Monrovia, Liberia. Pastor Taylor and Pastor Balboa have both spoken at LifeTree. 


We have been supporting the Ugandan Water Project for a few years now. They install rain water tanks to provide clean drinking water for an entire village while supporting the local church. A few from LifeTree have also been on Mission Trips with UWP. Click the link if you would like to support UWP.

This is the tank LifeTree sponsored in Bugembe:

Watch their short film, Uganda23:


The Democrat Republic of Congo (DRC)

In January 2013, Pastor Garrett was praying for LifeTree and seeking the Lord’s plan for the coming year. God placed on his heart to reach out to the Congolese and Liberian Communities on Rochester. He shared this with the Elders that week. 

Two weeks later, without any action other than prayer, 6 Congolese men came to church to visit! This has lead to many Africans joining the LifeTree family! 

In June 2013, we took our first trip the the DRC! Too many amazing details to write here; God truly connected us to key people, all the way up to the President’s personal advisor. We were also able to minister to a very impoverished, yet joyful and loving congregation in Lemba, Kinshasa, DRC. 

God is continuing to lead us and connect us to Pastors and Business Leaders in the DRC. 

More to come…

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